Home and Garden

It isn’t all about food. Sometimes we write about our house, our garden, our chickens, or our life in Beacon, in the Hudson Valley of New York. Here are a few of our witterings.

Garden Fall Wrapup

It’s October, and the bulk of the vegetable garden is finished for the season. Of course, our herbs are still going strong on the deck, and we’re still pulling out ripened tomatoes, but the soil beds are now empty. For our first year, we didn’t do too badly. Here’s a recap. Although last winter wasn’t … Read more

The Reluctant Gardener

  I have a confession to make. I’m actually a little freaked out by “nature”. I mean, it’s beautiful and keeps us alive and I hate that we do terrible things to the Earth. And of course I love farmers markets and fresh, organic produce. That being said, I’m the person that steps off the … Read more

Our garden – summer update

It’s been … er, a while (a SEASON) since I posted about our garden. We’ve had mixed success: the raised bed went in in early April, along with a good deal of mixed potting soil, top soil and compost in a ratio governed only by general internet advice. The vegetables from White Flower Farm started … Read more