Summer is when it all happens. Whether you count Memorial Day, or the June solstice, as the start of the season, the garden knows best: the garlic shoots up scapes, zucchini flowers start to emerge, and tomatoes make their appearance on the vine. The beginning of June is marked by strawberry harvests; the end of August brings fat corn cobs and bursting heirloom tomatoes. Once garlic comes out of the garden, we can plant fall squash seedlings, and seeds for cooler-weather vegetables like cruciferous greens.

This season is also when we move cooking duties from the kitchen to the outside grill as much as we possibly can. We grill up veggies as well as burgers and other classic fare, and make summer salads with orzo, pasta, beans or just mixed greens from the lettuce bed.

How's your summer coming along? Leave your comments below and let us know what you're cooking!

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