Raising chicks: We’re All Clucked! A video diary

Beautiful Eggs
Beautiful Eggs

Raising chicks isn’t something we ever thought we’d do, and yet here we are, in our basement with a half-dozen chirping chicks on our hands. Join us to watch the fun!

Hi, woodland chums!

No recipe this week as Emily is busy with photography work, so I thought I’d “entertain” you (rarely was a word used so incorrectly with such flagrant abandon) with a little video diary of us raising chicks. Last September, we got five new chicks, and like any proud parent, I Periscoped the hell out of them for about a month before promptly dropping the whole documentary process.

Our salmon favarolles, AKA Bernie Sanders. Can you guess how she acquired this nickname?

Raising chicks: Pictures and videos

Olive Egger
Olive Egger. She’s a feisty lady.
On the left is the Salmon Faverolles, on the right is the Cream Legbar. She lays the beautiful blue eggs.
Arya lounging on the table like a diva on a white piano. So. Much. Drama.

But here they are, archived for your viewing “pleasure” (I refer you, again, to the above disclaimer). My best David Attenborough impersonation sounds like a lot of repetitive wittering, so don’t feel like you have to listen to all of it. There are also chats onscreen which I didn’t realize wouldn’t get captured, so that’s why you’re hearing me respond to invisible/inaudible questions and comments. It’s not just the voices in my head, I promise. And yes, the first few are indeed vertical. Periscope didn’t do horizontal when I filmed these. (I am an audio-visual professional, honest, guv.)

So here you go: a few slices from the chicken-raising life. Maybe it’ll inspire some of you to start raising chicks? Stranger things have happened…

The First Day

After 5 Days

Day 8

Two Weeks

28 Days Later…

And here they are in full-grown form. Aside from Bernie Sanders in the picture at the top of the post, you may recognize the olive egger second from the left, below, the Marans at the back, and the Cream Legbar in the center.

You might be thinking that perhaps chickens with such varied colors produce eggs of a similar variety. You’d be right! This is genuinely one of the main reasons we wanted a good variety of chicks.

From left to right: Salmon Favarolles, Cuckoo Marans, Olive Egger (x2), Red Sex-Link, Easter Egger, Cream Legbar (x2)

Reddit liked our egg post and picture so much they wrote up an article about it on Upvoted. Welcome to the big time!

(We’ve got so many eggs now, though, you guys. Please come and take (buy) some. There are only so many quiches a man can eat.)


Of course, we make lots of other things with our incredibly fresh eggs. Here is just a small sample:

Spinach, Cheddar And Egg Breakfast Tarts
Toffee-Apple Sour Cream Cake (With A Salted Caramel Drizzle)
Creamy, Homemade Aïoli (Garlicky, Lemony Mayo)
Creamy, Homemade Aïoli (Garlicky, Lemony Mayo)


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  1. Loved this post! My mom started raising chickens after I moved away for college and now every time I go back home to visit I love seeing them. And the names are the best part 🙂 Some of hers include Omelet, Oprah, and Audrey Buffington. I don’t think she has any with blue eggs though, those are so beautiful. Anyway, cool post!!


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