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Crispy Chicken Thighs with Creamy Black Garlic Sauce

Crispy Chicken Thighs with Creamy Black Garlic Sauce

There are few things more comforting than a good chicken dinner. Our favorite method is to sear chicken thighs until the skin is crisp and deep golden brown. We then bake them nestled in a rich, creamy sauce flavored with wine, shallots and black garlic. If you don’t have black garlic, roasted garlic is a ... Read more
Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake

Lemon Poppyseed Buttermilk Pound Cake

Buttermilk gives this cake a moist, tender crumb and with a triple hit of lemon - in the batter, syrup and glaze - our Lemon Poppyseed Buttermilk Pound Cake is perfect for citrus lovers.
Colored eggs in a bowl

Our Favorite Egg Recipes for Easter

Every Easter we're required to rifle through our egg recipes and find yummy egg recipes for those of you for whom just dipping eggs in food coloring isn't quite enough of a challenge.
Citrus and Endive Salad

Blood Orange and Endive Salad with Pickled Red Onions

Salads don’t have to be green to be healthy. In early spring, our vitamin-depleted bodies crave fresh citrus salad: sweet and tart blood oranges combined with crisp endive, pickled red onion and some crunchy toppings.
White Asparagus with Black Garlic Aioli

White Asparagus with Black Garlic Aioli

We've poached delicate white asparagus spears until they turn tender and sweet, then drizzle them with homemade aioli (garlicky mayonnaise) flavored with black garlic, lemon, and miso.
Dublin Coddle (Irish Sausage, Potato and Guinness Stew)

Dublin Coddle (Irish Sausage, Potato and Guinness Stew)

A simple, rich and tasty stew made with Irish bangers, potatoes, and Irish stout. Perfect for a warm St Patrick's Day supper!
Bailey's Irish Cream Parfaits

Bailey’s Cookies and Cream Parfaits

The star of these parfaits is the silky smooth Irish cream custard, flavored with notes of chocolate, vanilla, coffee and good Irish whisky. Layered with freshly whipped cream and crumbled Oreos, you don't need to wait for St Patrick's Day to make this treat.
Clifton Kitchen 2021

Our Kitchen Renovation

Last year, like most people, we spent a LOT of time inside the house. We also planned a gut renovation on our kitchen. Did we lose our minds in the process? Read on to find out!
Clover Club Cocktail

Clover Club Cocktail

A pretty drink but one with serious depth, the Clover Club, with gin and raspberry syrup, is staging a comeback.

The Ultimate Dutch Oven Cookbook

We are delighted to announce that our second recipe book, The Ultimate Dutch Oven cookbook, is now available for pre-orders!
Dumpling-style Sausage Rolls

Dumpling-Flavored Sausage Rolls

Dumpling-flavored sausage rolls will kick your party snacks into high gear. It's an American version of a British snack with a Chinese twist. 
Chicken Ginger Noodle Soup

Gingery Chicken and Rice Noodle Soup with Crispy Garlic

Take chicken soup, and give it a healthy thump of warming ginger, caramelized shallots, hoisin and lime. Gingery chicken and rice noodle soup is like a big hug from an old friend.
Apple, Shallot and Cheddar Tart

Caramelized Apple, Shallot and Cheddar Tart

Puff pastry tarts with a creamy Cheddar spread, topped with sweet caramelized apples and shallots, and a sprinkle of fresh thyme. Sweet apples and tart Cheddar cheese? A marriage made on a local farm.
Cheddar Corn Pudding CABOT

Spicy Cheddar Cornbread Pudding

A little spicy, a little sweet and a lot delicious, this Spicy Cheddar Cornbread Pudding is our most-requested side dish ever.
Thai Basil Gimlet

Thai Basil Gimlet

Thai basil adds spicy, anise-like notes to a gimlet. Together with lime, elderflower liqueur, and good quality gin, the Thai basil gimlet is a cool twist on an elegant classic that we can sip while enjoying the color and scents of our summer herb garden.
Salted Peanut Butter Cookies

Salted Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies

Is it possible for a cookie made without butter or flour to be the most delicious cookie we’ve ever tasted? The answer is a resounding YES.

Our Kitchen Renovation (part 1)

We're in the middle of our kitchen renovation. In the New York shutdown. While writing a cookbook. Help!
Polenta with Charred Ramps and Sausage

Creamy Cheddar Polenta with Sausage and Charred Ramps

Creamy, cheesy Cheddar polenta with charred ramps (wild garlic) and grilled sausages: a dish made for Spring.
Sticky Gochujang Honey Chicken

Sticky Gochujang-Honey Chicken

What happens when you marinate chicken in gochujang (spicy Korean chili paste), honey, ginger and garlic? Deliciousness, that's what. Sticky Gochujang-Honey Chicken is our newest weeknight favorite: a little sweet, a lot spicy and just plain tasty. 

Holiday Recipe Roundup 2019

The holidays wouldn't be the same without egg nog, baked brie, roast pork, and all the favorite dishes we've collected in this recipe roundup! 
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